Eurologik Casement

Quantum's Eurologik PVC-u windows combine enhanced aesthetics, energy-efficiency and performance ideally suited for new-build or replacement window and door installations.

Manufactured from both ovolo or chamfered profiles suites, in a wide range of colours, Quantum Windows will add a distinctive touch to any project.


Complete flexibility to create the size and configuration of windows your customers demand, whether side or top opening, with any combination of panels.
Choice of colour and finish to suit any residential, commercial or public building.
Bevelled or sculpted ovolo bead designs to suit different building styles.
Easy installation with minimal mess and disruption for the customer.
Enhanced energy efficiency for year-round comfort and lower energy bills.
Exceptional air tightness and weatherproofing for draught-free long-life performance.
Ten-year guarantee against warping, discolouring and cracking.
BS7950 enhanced security option available.
Choice of standard C-rated or A-rated specification available.

BS7950 enhanced security option available.

Colour Options

PVC-u 70mm Eurologic Casement Bevelled

PVC-u 70mm Eurologic Casement Ovolo

Colours may vary from those shown
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